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Landscaping Ideas for Your Property

Landscaping Ideas, Indian Trail, NC Landscaping is a great way to demonstrate your personal style while adding visual interest to your home outdoors. Landscaping elements help enhance your lifestyle while also adding to your property's value. When it comes to enhancing your landscape, there are almost endless options available to you. At Legacy Landscaping, we would like to share the following ideas for you to add to your property.

Landscape Design

Landscape design ( is focused on the overall landscape plan of your property and the unique design of the plantscape. It involves addressing your property’s geography and architectural design. Some of the key aspects of landscape design include:

  • The soil is tested, the land is surveyed, and an assessment is done to ensure your project is feasible
  • Water drainage is assessed
  • A more detailed plan integrates new trees, flowering shrubs, lawn, water features, and hardscapes

Landscape design can focus on boosting your home’s curb appeal.

Landscape Lighting

Your home’s curb appeal is meant to shine in all its glory both during daytime and nighttime. And this will require you to add landscape lighting ( Modern LED-based lighting works as a low-cost option to make sure the key features in your landscape can be highlighted. Pathways can be illuminated to guide guests safely.

It is common for homeowners to think that their landscape is complete once the lawn has been laid down, shrubs and flower plants have been planted, and hardscapes have been installed. The addition of landscape lighting can, however, help highlight your yard’s features. Some of the main benefits of adding well-planned lighting to your landscape are as follows:

  • Illuminating the outdoor living space
  • Enhancing your home’s curb appeal and increasing your property’s value
  • Highlighting your landscape décor
  • Increasing safety around your yard
  • Deterring potential intruders and increasing security

Besides LED lighting, you can also consider solar-powered lighting for your landscape. These lighting solutions are cost-efficient, easy to install due to lesser wiring requirements, and can be moved around. Landscape lighting systems are usually available in various shapes and sizes. This makes them versatile enough to fit almost all forms of landscape décor elements.

Softscape Installation

Softscapes are the most important elements that define any landscape. You can add trees and shrubs to add privacy and shade to your landscaping. There are many additional benefits of adding the right plants. This includes:

  • The right shrubs can absorb water while keeping your home cool
  • Property line landscaping can help enhance privacy while also defining your land’s boundaries
  • The addition of trees and shrubs works as a low-maintenance strategy to bring greater greenery to your property

Besides these, there are many more benefits of softscape installation ( The right plants and trees can help improve air quality, reduce runoff, attract wildlife, protect against strong wind and bad weather, and create a more beautiful retreat.

These are some of the most common landscape ideas to implement for your home. If you seek more ideas, it is recommended to contact the experienced team at Legacy Landscaping. You can reach us at 704-821-5289 or send us a message.