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Top 4 Outdoor Living Additions for Your Home

Outdoor Living, Indian Trail, NC So, what are the best outdoor living additions you should be considering making to your home? At Legacy Landscaping, we would like to make the following suggestions based on our experience and industry knowledge.


A patio can be a great outdoor living addition to your home. You are adding the perfect space to sit and enjoy the beauty of your landscape. You can enjoy barbeques and other favorite outdoor activities of yours, and entertain your guests, all in your patio. Spend more quality time outdoors with family and friends. There are even more reasons, such as:

  • Being better able to enjoy the outside weather while being protected
  • A covered patio can extend the amount of time you can spend outdoors
  • A patio can also help add value to your property
  • Spending more time outdoors lowers the cost of indoor heating and cooling

Outdoor Kitchens

There is more to an outdoor kitchen than a space meant for cooking food. An outdoor kitchen can also create an area for ‘eating out’ with friends and family, right you’re your backyard.

  • You can add one or more cooking appliances. Examples include a stove-top or a grill
  • You can have a refrigerator and a sink in your outdoor kitchen
  • They can feature cabinets and drawers to store various items and prevent any form of clutter
  • A countertop and seats can be added to create the perfect space for eating and sitting out

Outdoor Fireplace

It is also highly recommended to add an outdoor fireplace to your home. It allows you to extend the time you spend outdoors, make a positive impression on your guests, enhance your property’s value, and spend quality time with your family. There are many more ways an outdoor fireplace proves to be an excellent outdoor living addition:

  • Outdoor fireplaces, whether gas or wood-burning, operate in a safer environment. You will not have to worry about smoke, sparks, or carbon monoxide release.
  • A well-designed and installed outdoor fireplace helps enhance your backyard’s beauty. Besides, they also help enhance your experience around other features that you may have including pools and patios.
  • All hardscapes are relatively easier to maintain compared to plantscapes. Fireplaces are also simpler to maintain, especially gas fireplaces.

Fire Pits

Fire pits have gained widespread popularity due to various reasons. As with an outdoor fireplace, your fire pit can also extend your outdoor season. You can spend time outdoors with friends and family even during chilly fall nights. Some of the additional benefits of a fire pit are as follows:

  • Create a warm and cozy outdoor gathering space
  • Add natural illumination and ambiance to your backyard
  • Create a 360-degree heat source in your backyard

So, these are four of the top outdoor living additions you can consider for your home. From making the most of the available space to adding aesthetic and monetary value to your property, these features offer many benefits. If you want to learn more about adding the perfect outdoor features, feel free to contact Legacy Landscaping. You can reach us at 704-821-5289 or send us a message using this Online Form.